I have been blessed by knowing Sam Kirui for almost two years.  The ministry he leads is aptly named "Barnabas Leadership Ministries".   Sam is one of the most encouraging brothers in Christ I know, just like Barnabas of the first century. He is a capable leader with a contagiously optimistic spirit.  We have been encouraged in our international church to have him serving among us regularly through preaching, discipling and reaching out to people from all nations.  If you need encouragement in any aspect of your ministry I recommend you call upon this 21st century Barnabas! 
•Pastor Kirk - All Nations Church - OKC

I have had the honor of knowing Sam Kirui for a little over two years now.  It is amazing that God has used a missionary from Africa to make such a difference in my life here in the United States.  Growing up, I always thought it was the other way around.  Sam's joy is evident, and contagious from the first moment you meet him.  When he smiles, you smile and when he laughs, you laugh.  He has a way of working with people while advancing God's kingdom like I have never seen before.  Sam has such a genuine, pure, heart for God.

I have also had the privilege of having Sam come and speak a couple of times to one of our Christian student groups at Yukon High School.  One of my favorite stories Sam tells is about when he was a youth director back in Kenya.  He had taken his group on a camping trip and had all of the details planned out down to the breakfast he was going to cook the next morning.  A few of Sam's students woke him up the next morning and told him that the food was taken by a group of baboons.  Sam immediately surveyed the area and saw the baboons in the distance.  Without thinking, he began to run after them.  He chased them until they dropped the food and Sam was able to serve breakfast for his youth group.  When I asked Sam what he would have done if the baboons would have turned back on him.  He told me that he really didn't know how dangerous they were and he just wanted to make sure his kids had breakfast.  When I picture Sam in the "big chase" it always brings a smile to my face.

Sam is a wonderful person and he demonstrates God's love daily.  I thank God that He showed Sam to me.
•Mark Melton, Assistant Principal,Yukon High School